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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

So often
And sadly
Too often
This salesman existence
Wears thin

I can see
Through my skin
Into you
Your reason for being
And soul

I counter
And cajole
And convince
You must know this ritual

Don't dawdle
Drag it out
Go ahead

Your ego
From your mouth

***- I sometimes have to make a sales pitch to rather self-important people.


  1. Oh dear! Like not knowing your throat was patched until you had a drop...

    I am soo happy. welcome to blogsville.

    ok about the poem now, whaddahell?! that last verse just slaughtered me. gosh. Did you mean for your contempt to show? lol.

  2. hmmmmmmmmm

    i'm determined
    but i'm also speechlessly pleased

  3. @ poetically: Contemptuous? Moi??? ;) Glad you like it, Fangface. You realize you're mostly to blame for inflicting me on the blogging world, don't you? You'll share my fate when I'm removed permanently. :)

    @ Kafo: Speechlessly pleased you're pleased. Actually, I lie. I could say a whole lot of stuff but I'll let my (false) modesty win this time. :)

  4. a sales man who can WRITE..interesting..

    got directed by poeticallytinted..welcome to blogville!

  5. @Buttercup: Hey! On behalf of salesmen everywhere, I protest! We're not all money-grubbing, sell-our-own-grandma, nothing-matters-but-closing-the-deal insensitives! Are we? ;)

    Thanks for the welcome.

  6. first time here...will be checking in you never know if you update every now and again might put you on my blog roll thingy


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