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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brand New


last night is
a fading charcoal
sketched across
the forefront
of consciousness

sinking into memory

again, tonight

daylights' wounded eyes
sift the grain and grit,
the exhausted script
and often-told lies

waiting is
the spool of
slender thread
to reel the sun
below your neighbour's roof

And tonight
yes, tonight

I will see you


***- Anticipation, even though you see this person often.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Beaten back
from the narrow path
at night
you find yourself
at the crossroads
with your soul in hand

The trade is negotiated
the bargain sealed
you wonder idly
did Judas
bite his shekels
to see if they were fakes?

The metallic taste
of yours lingers
on your tongue
of blood

***- Busy day ahead: things to see, people to do. Sometimes doing business can leave you feeling tainted.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You will not go
Your eyes
when I call you
they tell another man's story
But you will not go

In the morning
I come out of my house
and hear your voice
Did I say 'leave me'
Out loud
Even if I did
you will not go

Other people are working
Me, I went past your house
I did not see you
But I have said 'go'
Yes! I have
Even if you did not hear me
you will not go

You must go
And leave me

***- Could say a lot about it, but won't.