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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Shut your mouth

Shut your mouth
Shut it!
That infinite doorway
to the cancer in your head
You swallow everything
that should have brought good
and in great fluency
you regurgitate filth

You have eaten posterity
You have eaten their faith
You have eaten your children
Your vomit is a sore

Must you offend
my eyes, ears and nostrils
with your mouth?

Be content
with all you ate
Close your mouth
Hold your lips
with your fingers
if you must
And give thanks
to whatever you believe in
that my own mouth
has been sewn shut

***- 2011 and the parade of aspirants. Their utterances amaze.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Parts of me
still bleed
as I consider
what it means
to have you
from my
daily routine

The greyness
of this morning's
would be
in the ridiculous
of your first smile

So many
silly things
that mean
to no one else
have become
my touchstone

Great passion
poor poetry
that proves
my point:
You will never
be rid of me

***- Should not ever see you again