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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I do not sleep but I dream
stretch your hand
outside, the rain
sizzles on the coal tar
and begins the journey
back to the cloud
and if you touch
this rain as I do
miles distant
our fingers will meet

***- Rainy night. Alone.


  1. oh men. heartbreakingly fantastic. The rain motif couldn't have worked better. How did you get so sensistive...? ehn?

    For me, it would have been perfect except for the sizzles on the coal tar line... for some reason it distracts me from the overall effect of the poem. maybe because i am reading with my heart...

  2. Sensitive?! Moi?!? Oh crap, who am I fooling... I'm damaged goods now. No more Mr Teflon.

    Glad you like it. This was one-take writing, as usual, so the 'sizzling' thing was really how the rain sounded right then and there really is coal tar in my house compound. And yes, that really was how I was feeling...


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